Monhegan Island, Maine


A 3 hour flight, 4 hour car ride and 1 hour boat ride we finally arrived. Monhegan Island, Maine, a place where I spent a week or 2 every summer growing up. 

A small island, 12 miles out to sea with only 45 residents who live there year round. No paved roads, no cars (except for the lobster trucks), and barely to none internet and cell service. It’s whimsical, rustic, and incredibly secluded. Beautiful trails lead you around the island for some hearty hiking and gorgeous photo opportunities. It’s really one of a kind.

At a location of 43°45′50″N 69°19′34″W, her sister island, Manana resides just across the bay. It is here where you will find no roads, no trails, no paths. Just rocks, cliffs, and cranberry patches. She is the site of the Manana Island Sound Signal Station, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for it's archeological sites such as a petroglyph, and a stone carin.

Most exciting though (to me), is a small herd of goats who spend their summers on the island. Standing on the rocky point of a cliff admiring the view, we turned and saw a small group of goats off at a bit of a distance from us, and they saw us. As soon as we were spotted they hurried over to us. At this point we weren’t sure how they would respond, were we a threat? However, as you can see, they were gentle and looking for food. We had none, and when they realized we were empty handed they went on their way. It was wonderful to meet them up close and personal. As we were leaving we noticed a sign stating not to encourage the goats approach, it was a very small sign, hidden in some bushes. So, I am sorry goats for encouraging your hello’s, but also very happy for them.  

Written by Nicole Morris, Creative

Photography and videography by Nicole Morris, Creative