1/1000 of a Second


We are so quick to judge.

We've all heard about how making a first impression is important when meeting someone new. The same adage applies when your customers or clients encounter your website or your brand. In fact, they make judgments about your website or brand even faster than you can probably snap your fingers.

A number of studies – by universities, Google and other researchers – have shown that it takes about 50 milliseconds, which is 0.05 seconds, for someone to decide whether you're worth their online time or not.

So what can you do to set yourself apart to grab that extra attention? Develop a brand with great – not just good – visual appeal. If you can get past those 50 milliseconds, you have an opportunity to develop more credibility and gain trust.

How important is a logo?

Your logo – which is the first thing that establishes your brand identity – needs to communicate more than a thousand words. It needs to go beyond creating a first impression and create an everlasting impression.

Your logo needs to tell your customers or clients what you do and how you do it – that you're a professional, an expert and worth their time and resources. Your logo is also the first thing that draws people's attention when they visit a website, according to a one university study.

What should be on my website?

Where do we go once we've heard seen a logo or heard of a company? We Google it. To get people to hang around longer than that 0.05 seconds, your website needs to have several key elements, research has shown.

Here are six website sections that get the most attention, according to one study:

  • Your logo
  • Navigation menu
  • Search box
  • Main image
  • Written content
  • Bottom of the page

Your website will be also judged on things like colors, fonts, the amount of text and where things are placed. Viewers like clean, simple designs. Clutter or unfamiliar layouts will drive viewers away.

First impressions are powerful. Make sure your logo, your website and other brand materials measure up.

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Photography courtesy of Rachael Cooney