About Us

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definition of "sonder"

The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.


behind our logo

The imperfect circles represent that everyone’s life path is different and not perfect, where the lines intersect with each other is where two lives cross paths and can redirect you or set you on your new path. This relates to my own life, and everything that has redirected my life – good and bad - to come full circle and create Sonder Collaborative.


our motto

Design aligned with strategy.


our mission

To apply collective intelligence through discovery, strategy, design and execution to create exceptional work for great clients.


our values

PRESENT – live in this very moment, with full reverence for the joy that is now.

AUTHENTIC – spend each day being yourself, expressing your true voice with sincere feelings. 

POWERFUL – intentionally master your own life, by taking full personal responsibility.

THRIVE – grow courageously toward progress through disciplined learning and initiative.

GRATITUDE – choose to see the joy and opportunity in all circumstances. 

INTEGRITY – understand that even the tiniest thoughts and actions matter.

KINDNESS – realign priorities to those of the heart and give from a place of love.

LEGACY – be unafraid of the demands of greatness and serve as a living example to others.

PAUSE – shift focus from chaos back to awe and curiosity.


our team

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Maria Little, Founder + Creative

Maria Little provides design and marketing services to business owners in the energy, healthcare, retail and service industries across the nation. Her creative mind brings brands alive and her attention to detail identifies new opportunities for business owners to increase their marketing impact. In 2016, Maria founded Sonder Collaborative, which offers design and branding services to small businesses, corporations and agencies. She has created a synergy of professionals across the U.S. providing clients with new and exciting solutions for clients. She holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in Advertising Design from Savannah College of Art and Design.


Nicole Morris, Creative

The best compliment that Nikki receives from clients is when they love the first design so much, they accept it without edits – a compliment she receives often. Nikki’s an art director, an illustrator, and a graphic designer – expertise she honed as a teenager at the Massachusetts College of Arts, and perfected through a degree in Advertising Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. She’s also a competitive sailor, ranking in the top three when racing JY15s in regattas against people twice her age. With more than 10 years of experience with creative agencies in Arizona, California, and Florida, Nikki excels in branding, logo design and print design for traditional and new media. Nikki’s passions also include painting, drawing and photography.


Shanna Williams, Creative

From concept to pixel-perfect, performant execution, Shanna creates user-centered experiences that are easy to understand and create meaningful connections. Clients will appreciate Shanna’s extensive experience in the agency, startup and corporate design world as a leader in visual branding. They’ll also enjoy working with someone whose real-world experiences have provided her with a big-picture perspective. In addition to her creative work with Sonder Collaborative, Shanna is a senior designer with Dell, where she has been recognized as an exemplary contributor providing business impact. Her agency tenure includes time with Inkd and BFG Communications. Shanna holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from Savannah College of Art & Design. She is proud of her evolution from a reformed picky eater who now appreciates hummus and avocado.


Luann Edwards, Marketing Strategist

Luann is a strategic marketing communications consultant based in Rhode Island, USA. In 2014, she earned an MSc in Interactive Media and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Social Media from Quinnipiac University in Mt. Carmel, Conn. Prior to 2012, Luann managed a portfolio of global meetings and events for more than a decade. Clients large or small, local or global, will benefit from Luann’s ability to understand their business and customize strategic solutions to help them meet their business goals. As a member of the Sonder Collaborative, she provides clients with a wide range of solutions: key areas include comprehensive marketing strategy, marketing communications support, and social media management.